Scott County Public Library




In our mission to “build community”, the library supports local artists.  To enhance and increase the community’s appreciation of the arts, the Scott County Public Library shall provide display space for artists. 


Criteria used in selecting exhibits:

·         Professional Achievement

·         General interest to the community

·         Suitability to the library’s exhibit space



            The Library does not insure exhibits.  All reasonable precautions will be taken to protect these materials, but the library cannot be responsible for reimbursement or replacement of lost, stolen or damaged articles.



 The Library Director shall schedule exhibits in the library.  Completing a form supplied by the library reserves exhibit space.  Reservations for display space shall not be made more than one year in advance.


Prior to display, the Library Director must approve all exhibits.  Approval or disapproval is at the discretion of the Library Director.  The final authority for approving all exhibits is the Library Board of Trustees.  The Scott County Public Library reserves the right to prohibit any person from displaying artwork and items in the library.


All exhibits shall be set-up and removed on the dates determined by the library.  A representative of the library shall supervise the set-up and removal of all exhibits.


All exhibits must conform to the space restrictions of the display areas.


Prior to displaying, all exhibitors must sign a waiver form that releases the library from any responsibility for loss or damage to an exhibit displayed at the library.


The sale of exhibited items is not permitted in the library.  Exhibitors who desire to sell items shall include as part of their displays information on how to purchase items.


Display reservations are not transferable to another person.


Library use of display areas take precedence over any other use and the library reserves the right to, without notice, cancel the use of the display areas by outside exhibitors if the Library Director or Library Board of Trustees determines that the display space is needed for library purposes.


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