Exam Proctoring

Because of construction, Scott County Library will not be able to offer proctoring services November through December 2015. We hope to resume proctoring January 2016. The following nearby venues offer proctoring. Please contact them If you need proctoring during November and December: Bluegrass Community & Technical College, 502-570-6357 or 859-246-6603; Paris-Bourbon County Library, 859-987-4419 ext. 101; Grant County Library, 859-824-2083; Kenton County Library, 859-962-4030; Madison County Library, 859-623-6704; and Boyle County Library, 859-238-7323.

Interlibrary Loan

Library Express

Room Booking

Teacher Assistance


The fax service is a charge of $1 per page to send or receive.
To receive a fax at the library, our fax number is 502-863-9621.

Copier & Printer

The copier and printer are both self-service.  They are coin-operated and will only receive coins or $1 or $5 dollar bills.  The library can not make change.

Single-side, black and white -- 10¢

Double-side, black and white -- 20¢

Single-side, color -- 50¢

Double-side, color -- $1.00