Library meeting rooms facilitate sharing information which is more effective or preferred in a group setting, whether the information sharing originates with the library, other governmental organizations, or community groups. The provision of meeting space is public service, which furthers the democratic ideal of an informed citizenry and furthers the historical mission of the American public library.


With this policy the Scott County Public Library Board of Trustees reaffirms its support of and commitment to, the Library Bill of Rights of the American Library Association. The Scott County Public Library facilities are open to organizations engaged in educational, cultural, intellectual, or charitable activities on an equitable basis, regardless of the beliefs or affiliations of individuals or groups requesting their use.


The Library Board and Library administrators do not necessarily endorse or sponsor the groups meeting in the rooms or endorse the thoughts, principles, beliefs or doctrines of the group (any more than they endorse the thoughts, principles, beliefs or doctrines of every book on library shelves). However, the Board and Library administrators do have an obligation to require that groups using the rooms conduct themselves in an orderly and lawful manner.




The Library has the following facilities available:

1.         Meeting room (accommodates up to 100 persons)

2.         Conference Room (accommodates up to 12 persons)






Sponsors using the Scott County Public Library meeting rooms shall be required to indemnify and hold harmless the Library from any and all claims or actions attributable to the use of the Library facilities. The sponsors may be required to provide a certificate Bf insurance to the Library insuring it from liability and claims resulting from the sponsor’s use of the Library facilities.


Programs, classes, or other activities presented directly by the Library or by an organization with the sponsorship/support of the library take precedence over non-library use of these rooms.


Meetings may be held only during regular library hours.


Children’s and young people’s groups will be permitted the use of the meeting rooms provided they are supervised by adult sponsors.


Library meeting rooms may be reserved on a first-come, first-served basis. A $25.00 refundable deposit must be made at time of reservation.




The need of the Scott County Public Library and its affiliated groups, such as the Friends of the Scott County Public Library, take precedence over non-library use of rooms. The Library reserves the right to cancel a reservation granted to an outside group when unexpected Library needs arise. In such cases, at least 72 hours notice will be given the person whose name appears on the application form.


Meeting room reservations may be made in person or by telephone no more than six (6) months prior to the scheduled date. The Library’s meeting room application form must be completed and the deposit fee paid to confirm a reservation. Forms may be obtained at the Information Desk. Completed forms must be submitted to the administration department or by mail. Use of a room may not be allowed if a reservation form has not been received, or the deposit fee has not been paid.


Telephone reservations will be held for five (5) days pending receipt of the application form and deposit.


In order to accomplish equitable distribution, the number of times an organization may schedule a meeting room will be limited to twice a month. The library director may make exceptions on a case-by-case basis.


An authorized representative of the group must make application for the use of a meeting room on the appropriate form at least 24 hours in advance.


Upon receipt of a properly completed application form and deposit fee, a library staff department head may approve the application and confirm the booking, if the meeting purpose falls clearly within the approved meeting room policies.


If there is an application which policy does not clearly cover, the staff member will refer the application to the library director.




The library reserves the right to cancel reservations if the room is needed for library programs, board meetings, or for any other reasons.


If the library is closed due to bad weather, the meeting rooms will not be available.




The following equipment is available for use from the library. However, it is the responsibility of the group to request and reserve equipment through the circulation department.

Slide projector

Overhead projector

Opaque projector


A combo TV/VCR is available in the community room. No special request is needed for use of this equipment.


Special request for media projector or Internet use must be made at time of reserving meeting room. Special arrangements must be made with our systems administrator.




The furniture arrangement in a meeting room may be changed. Each group is responsible for furniture arrangement that meets their needs. Groups should allow proper time for set up and clean up when requesting their meeting time. Each group is responsible for leaving the room clean and orderly.


It is expected that every group meeting in the library will keep the meeting space clean. If a group does not keep the room in reasonable order, it will be denied future use of all meeting facilities and forfeit their deposit.




Smoking and alcoholic beverages are not allowed.

Food and beverages may he served in the community meeting room, which has kitchen facilities. Food and beverages may not be consumed or carried outside this area.


Special requests must be made to serve refreshments in the conference room.





•           Refreshments are allowed in the large meeting room. Kitchen facilities an available for this room.

•           Kitchen must be left in clean and orderly condition.

•           Large and small coffee makers are available but must be cleaned after use.

•           The group must bring in utensils, plates, cups, etc. NO LIBRARY SUPPLIES MAY BE USED.

•           The group must dispose of trash.


In the Conference Room, it is necessary to request permission to serve refreshments.




The library assumes groups using meeting rooms will exercise care in the use of the facility and exhibit respect for the Library’s property as well as normal activities occurring within the building. If damage occurs, or if there is evidence of misuse or abuse, then charges may be assessed and the Library may assert legal remedies, and future use of meeting rooms will be denied. If a meeting is disruptive to other activities, the group will be notified of this fact. Continuance of disruptive activities will result in immediate expulsion from the building. The Library Director is authorized to deny permission of Library meeting rooms to any group that is disorderly, or violates these regulations.


The Scott County Public Library Board of Trustees and the Scott County Public Library Staff shall be held harmless for any legal action taken against any group using a library meeting room. Any organization using a library meeting room further agrees to indemnify and hold blameless from and against any and all claims whatsoever arising out of the organization’s acts and/or use of the premises.




In addition to compliance with the provisions of the meeting room policy outlined above, groups also must adhere to the following regulations. Upon the occurrence of any damage, violation of the rules, or any misconduct by a group that uses any of the meeting rooms of the Library, the Director of the library, at his/her discretion, may refuse to refund the deposit to the group, and may utilize the deposit for the Library.


The library board delegates to its Director to enforce this policy and its regulations.


Groups may collect money for organizational dues, refreshments, tickets and tuition.


Money may not be collected for any other purpose.


The Library will not take registrations nor collect money for non-library sponsored events.


No material may be stored for groups using Library meeting rooms. The Library assumes no responsibility for items left in facility.


Group members are responsible for personal belongings.


Non-library groups may not use the Library as a mailing address. Non-library groups meeting in the library may not claim endorsement by the Library, state or imply the Library is sponsoring the program. Publicity announcing meetings should not imply Library sponsorship. Only those activities sponsored by the Library will be advertised by the Library. Publicity about programs at the Library should contain the correct name of the Library facility: SCOTT COUNTY PUBLIC LIBRARY.


Telephone messages will be taken for group members only for emergencies.


The total number of persons in a meeting room must not exceed posted seating capacity limits.


Nothing may be attached to walls, floors or ceiling in meeting rooms.


Janitor service is not provided; meeting room users are responsible for leaving the room orderly and clean.


Groups shall bear complete responsibility for the control and general safety of their group and the public attending any meetings.


Assessment of damages, and repair or replacement of furnishings, equipment, or other library property will be made by the Library immediately following the group’s use. The group will be notified of any assessment in writing. The Library will determine who does the repair or provides the replacement.




When the Library serves as co-sponsor of an organization’s production, the rules governing Library-produced programs must apply. These are:

•           All presentations are free and open to the public.

•           All presentations will be held during regular Library hours.

•           A Library staff member will be appointed as liaison to the organization, and will be involved in the planning, or will he made aware of all pertinent details of the production as they relate to the Library.

•           Publicity for the event will be done in cooperation with the Library. If the organization wishes to produce and distribute publicity, the Library must be provided with draft copies, for review by the library staff prior to printing. The library will use their standard marketing plan to advertise the event.

•           Soliciting or advertising of the organization’s publications, services, or products is not allowed.




The Scott County Public Library Board of Trustees reserves the right to amend this policy as needed.


The Director must approve any exceptions or deviations from this policy prior to the meeting.


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