Americans and the Holocaust

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November 9th, 5:30 pm-7:30 pm

Exhibit Opening: Americans and the Holocaust.  Welcome to the official opening of the Americans and the Holocaust traveling exhibit on loan from the United States Memorial Museum in Washington, D.C. and made possible by grant and joint presentation with the American Library Association.  Tonight we officially open the exhibit with a reception and present a preview of the amazing programs we will be hosting in the upcoming months.  We are especially honored to have Alice Goldstein, a Holocaust survivor, as our guest of honor, who will be sharing a bit of her own family's experience with us.

Scott County Public Library is proud to have been chosen to host the only showing of this exhibit in Kentucky.

The exhibit will be open from November 9, 2023 until January 4, 2024 when the library is open. For more information, or to schedule a group tour, please contact the library at 502-863-3566 or email

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Americans and the Holocaust Traveling Exhibit

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