Technology Services Assistance

One on one assistance from our technology staff to train on program.Meet with a staff member for a one-on-one appointment. Appointments can range from technology assistance, resume help, and exam proctoring.

We can help with many subjects. Typical requests include:

  • Learn to download ebooks to your digital device.
  • Having trouble with a library app on your device?  We can help!
  • Learn how to use software such as Microsoft Word and Microsoft Excel.

Some things we are unable to help with:

  • We do not offer technical support or troubleshooting except when it relates to library resources.  We can help you find local resources to solve your technology problem.

〉〉Click here to see the list of assistance we can/can't provide 

Who is eligible to make an appointment?
This service is available to all individuals, organizations and businesses.

Where do I go?
Please come to the Information desk for your scheduled consultation.

Who will be helping me?
Your information needs will determine who is best suited to assist you.

How long will the appointment be?
Each appointment will last approximately 30 minutes.

What do I do if my appointment is declined?
If your appointment is declined, we will do our best to include other local resources that would be of help to you for your request.

I need to cancel my appointment.
Please call (502) 863-3566 as soon as you can to cancel an appointment.  We are happy to reschedule your appointment for a more convenient time.

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