Exam Proctoring

As a public service and to support the goal of lifelong learning, the Scott County Public Library provides free exam proctoring, subject to availability of personnel, facility, and technology.

    Proctoring Requirements

    Computer Use:
    Before scheduling an appointment, students must ensure that library computers meet test-taking requirements. Students may bring their own laptops and connect to the library’s wireless network only if allowed by the testing institution. (Library staff will not assist in configuring personal laptops or software, and cannot guarantee the speed of its Internet connection.)

    Proctored sessions may be scheduled Monday through Friday for two (2) hours per day; and the request must be submitted at least seven (7) business days in advance. On a case-by-case basis, staff will attempt to accommodate requests for more than two hours.

    Responsibility of students:
    Ensure that “public library staff” meet the educational institution’s criteria for proctoring.

    Make all arrangements with the institution for delivery of the exam and/or passwords needed for online access, and confirm with proctor that examination materials and information have been received prior to the scheduled exam.
    Bring current photo ID and all needed test-taking supplies, such as #2 pencils, scrap paper, and calculators. (Cell phones or similar devices are not allowed while taking exams.)

    Prepay postage or delivery fees for written examinations which must be sent to the testing institution.

    Responsibility of Proctors:
    Follow testing requirements of the educational institution (items not specifically mentioned such as notes, textbooks, personal laptops, etc. will be assumed as not allowed.)

    Assure that name on student’s photo ID matches the name on testing materials, and photocopy the ID. (For written exams, one copy of the ID will be sent with the student’s answer sheets to the institution.)

    Return completed written examinations to the testing institution using packaging provided by the student or institution. If the institution accepts faxed answer sheets, the library will send at no charge. *Keep copies of completed written exams on file for 30 days (written examinations not completed by the student within 30 days of receipt by the library will not be retained.)

    The library reserves the right to cancel or change the date of any proctored exam due to inclement weather, computer malfunctions, etc.

    The proctor will not sign a proctoring statement that attests to more than he is able to do, and will not provide personal information such as social security number, driver’s license number, home address, phone number, etc.

    If the Scott County Public Library is unable to provide needed proctoring services, please speak with staff at the Information Desk for alternative venues (502-863-3566.)