Preservation Station

Preservation StationThe Preservation Station is an amazing free service that offers our patrons the opportunity to preserve family memories by turning old VHS tapes, cassettes, and photographs into digital DVD or CD files. Come check out this self-service station located inside the Kentucky Room.

The Preservation Station comes equipped with an Epson Scanner to scan photos and save them to digital formats. It has a cassette converter to Epson Photo Scannerpreserve your cassette tapes as digital audio files. It also includes a VHS converter to preserve your favorite home movies to enjoy in the digital age. Patrons with a SCPL card can use thiAHS VHS Converters free do-it-yourself Preservation Station which has clearly written instructions for each piece of equipment. A member of the Adult Services staff may be available to help if needed. The Scott County Public Library is happy to offer this creative space which allows for exploration of new technology and equipment. Protect your memories, make storage and transportation easier, and have those walks down memory lane available at your fingertips.