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About the artist

Jan-AlbersJan Albers career began with a move to Chicago in 1969. Initially my main focus was painting and Installation art, until I discovered  photography through a Nikon camera. Many of the paintings were done on location in and around the Chicago area. I also created two whole room gallery Installation exhibits. One satirized a small town museum honoring its only woman artist with minutiae collected from the (imaginary) residents. The other installation: a fake Museum gift shop filled with cheap rip offs of the real art found inside:  plastic statues of David, paint by numbers, da Vinci’s last supper rugs, etc. Some items I found visiting gallery in Europe, others I created.

My photography emphasis is documentary. Six years were spent traveling US Highway 20, still the country’s longest continuous highway.  Along with my daughter, Karen Titus, we interviewed residents, attended festivals and photographed the changing landscapes. To capture the unique beauty of Kentucky’s Bluegrass, I chose B/W infrared  film that includes a level of light invisible to the eye.

Painting, drawing, installations and photography—all different media to express my vision of the surroundings and events of the world I’ve encountered.

Upcoming Gallery Showing

The "Eclectic Soul" artshow will open Friday, June 7, 2024 from 5:00pm-6:30pm.

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